Un musée nomade de jouets ethnographiques

After many years of travel and research, Christine Armengaud has created an impressive collection of toys in particular made of wood, clay, plants, bread and sugar. Now, in their turn, they travel from museum to museum.....

From the very beginning....

This is not a collection of china dolls, electric trainsets or prestigious automata but of simple ‘ethnographic’ toys – most of the time “one of a kind” – which take us back to the very beginning of time, to the roots of Art. They challenge preconceptions in the collective consciousness, help to expand the definition of the word ‘toy’ and pose many additional questions. Are they stepping stones in the development of Mankind, timeless toys in shapes from the realms of history, pieces of “Art Brut”, ritual objects or just children’s toys?

...to the present day

At the moment the Museum consists of five departments from which five exhibitions have been sourced to travel around in different formats. These have already been seen in places as diverse as Le Centre Georges Pompidou and La Villette, in Paris, The Poissy Toy Museum, The Marseille Folk Art Museum, The Salagon Ethnographic Museum, Le musée des Arts Modestes in Sète, The Ulm Bread Museum, Germany, The Seia Museu do Pao, Portugal, The Tienen Sugar Museum, Belgium and The Tel Aviv Eretz Israël Museum, Israël.


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